Frequently asked questions

The NW Cup sounds awesome!!! How can I register RIGHT MEOW!?

Given all of the uncertainties in our new world, we will not be opening pre-registration until the last week or two before each race. Refunds are messy. The one exception may be if we have any "entry caps" based on the most current Covid guidelines, in which case we would require it. Don't worry, we'll tell you all about it.

What is required to race?

1. An appropriate well functioning mountain bike 2. An approprate level of skill for the CAT level race 3. USA cycling one day or annual pass. (Can be purchased at time of registration with check or cash) 4. A full face downhill certified helmet and appropriate additional mountain bike pads and body protection 5. Practice runs during your CAT determined time, prior to race 6. A lift ticket purchased from race venue Learn more about racing here

How do I register for a race?

Given the uncertainty of things nowadays, we may not offer pre-registration for events for 2021. If there is any change, we will announce it as the season goes along. All race registration goes through, serach NW Cup for open registration anytime

What COVID-19 precautions are happening during 2021 races?

We will follow the practices of social distancing and masks as long as nessary. Additional precautions or policies may be required depending on location and venue.

What are the downhill race categories?

More info coming soon

How do USA cycling mountain bike categories work?

Mountain bikers start in Cat. 3 and may move to Cat. 2 as quickly as they wish to. However, they must move to Cat. 2 if they place in the top five in five qualifying races. Cat. 2 riders may move up to Cat. 1 if they compile two top-5 finishes and present an upgrade request and resume to USA Cycling. They are not required to move to Cat. 1 but are encouraged to do so to prevent "sand-bagging".